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5-hour Pre-licensing Course (MV-278) White Plains, NY

5-hour class

Sign up for the mandatory 5-hour pre-licensing course (mv-278). Learn about drugs and alcohol's effects on driving. Classes are held twice a day everyday.

Monday-Friday 9am-4pm & 6pm-11pm

Saturday, Sunday 10am-3pm & 3pm-8pm

Course fee: $99.00 cash


Classes are scheduled by appointment

Call NOW to reserve your seat!

5 Hour ZoOM Course Mamaroneck, NY

Before you become eligible for taking a road test appointment, you are obliged by law for the completion of a pre-licensing driving course from Real McKoy Driving School Inc. Opting for this course is mandatory, and no student can skip this class as a part of elective courses. Any student irrespective of his age should complete this requirement by participating in a five-hour course offered by Real McKoy Driving School Inc., and he should consider going through the terms and conditions of the road test appointment before he takes it. After attending a 5-hours class in Port Chester NY, you will receive a certificate which will confirm your eligibility to take a road test appointment.

A five-hour pre-licensing course designed by Real McKoy Driving School Inc is vital for acquiring a New York State Driver’s license, and no drivers’ license is considered accomplished or eligible without its approval. This five hour-long course entail to teaching the basic rules of traffic, defensive driving skills, safe driving principles, and traffic laws to the students. It is introduced as a mandatory driving class that centers the attention of the student on the techniques, behaviors, and attitudes required for becoming a better driver on the road. After taking a 5-hour class in Scarsdale NY, each student becomes eligible for an estimated insurance discount.

At Real McKoy Driving School Inc, we believe that our students have different learning abilities and capabilities, and each student is taught driving lessons on three different levels. We offer a completely structured learning module to our students, and we offer different driving packages to our students. Our qualified and certified driving instructors strongly emphasize on teaching the fundamentals of driving to our students before they proceed further with the practical aspect of our driving courses.

If you are looking for a driving school that offers an excellent 5-hour class to its students, Real McKoy Driving School Inc. is your go-to choice. You can contact us for more information or, you can visit us, and our staff will assist you right away!

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