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Road Test Services Scarsdale NY

At Real McKoy Driving School Inc. we strive to do our best to accommodate all student drivers. We are focused on providing quality services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and will do everything to meet expectations. With a variety of driving package deals to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy with our services in the Westchester County area. Navigate our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Visit us in Harrison!


Students attending Real McKoy Driving School Inc. will become ineligible for driving lessons or free roadtest based on attitude and behavior outside of learning to drive. In any student teacher setting, the student who lacks knowledge must listen to the teacher not only to be successful but to advance toward the future. The valuable driving instructor has the key to driving and secrets to the pass the roadtest. One who wants to be taught cannot be abrasive. A person who needs to learn but also has a tit for tat attitude is counter productive. All clients attending the driving school are gracious for knowledge and give many thanks. Driving lessons will be discontinued and/or free road test will not be given for malcontents at the discretion of the driving school owner. Students who are appreciative will be rewarded. The mission of the driving school is to teach the student to drive not only to obtain the NY state license but to become a lifelong safe driver. That mission is impossible when attitude and behavior are an obstruction. As the best driving school in NY state our purpose is skewed when dealing with a student who has ulterior motives. Time squanderers will not be honored. Attending students may be disqualified for a free roadtest if the roadtest date is not scheduled by the driving school. Take care and drive safe!

Why us?

Real McKoy Driving School Inc. is about driving. Its purpose is to give vast information and meticulous instruction on driving. Once informed about driving the new driver is better equipped to handle the car and knows what to expect on the road. We provide upbeat information for new and experianced drivers. Basically for anyone who wants to drive. Our goal is to develope a new breed of well informed, responsible and safe New York drivers. Ultimately saving lives.

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