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Driving Testimonials

With only two weeks until my road test, Andrew gave me an excellent crash course that enabled me to drive safely and pass my road test with flying colors. He taught me to parallel park to a T with his step-by-step approach, and gave me all the ins-and-outs of what I needed to know to pass the road test. He is very informed about what the instructors look for. He worked very well with my busy schedule and came right to our door step on time for every lesson. Besides being a great instructor, he is very chill and a great guy all around.

Andy - 17 year old from Rye, NY

Spanish is my first language. I've been driving with a learner permit for the past 5 years. I'm forced to drive because I must work. Everyday I risk driving to work. I failed the first time but after having Andrew as my Instructor I passed the 2nd time. I prefer Andrew over the spanish speaking driving instructor. Thanks to Andrew I now drive with a license.

Martha - Molly Maid

Andrew is a fantastic driving instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable and enabled me to pass my driving test with flying colors.

-Sherry Silverman, 76 year old who retook roadtest

-Sherry Silverman, 76 year old who retook roadtest

I only wanted Andrew to teach me how to drive. Getting instruction from anyone else was a waste of time.

- Jeron Boon, Long Island Dentist

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