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Road Test Scheduling

Applicants who are enrolled in Real McKoy Driving School Inc are required to go through a road test scheduling in Scarsdale NY which makes them eligible for a driver’s license. Road test scheduling is ideal for the candidates who are applying for a second-time (non first-time) driver’s license.

Applicants will be required to complete take road testing services to become eligible road test scheduling in Port Chester NY. Remember that you have to be 18 or older to enroll in a road test scheduling program. You are accountable for completing a Certificate of Completion before taking a driving skills test, and it should be dated within the three months of the skills test.

Before you apply for road test scheduling, you are required to have the following essentials to proceed further.

1. Your New York learner license with restriction.

2. The driving test fee or a payment receipt for the previously made payment.

3. If you are younger than the restricted age, you are required to represent a driver’s proof of education.

4. If you do not meet the age criterion, you are required to submit a Verification of Enrollment to the authorities of the driving school.

5. You are also required to submit current liability insurance in hardcopy format. A soft copy format of the insurance or any documentation will not be accepted.

At Real McKoy Driving School Inc, we strictly follow the rules and regulations, and we are highly punctual. We expect you to do the same, and we hope the following expectations from you:

  • Please arrive one hour early for your appointment for processing and payment purposes. If you do not arrive one hour early, your appointment may be rescheduled. You will be notified of your road test scheduling, and we expect to see you on time.

  • Applicants should consider bringing their driver’s or learner’s license reinstated by the State of New York. We do not entertain the applicants without the presence of these licenses.

  • You should consider refraining from bringing additional passengers to the school for a test drive.
    If you are looking for a driving school that offers an excellent road testing scheduling in Yorktown NY to its students, Real McKoy Driving School Inc. is your go-to choice. You can contact us for more information or, you can visit us, and our staff will assist you right away!

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