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Initial Adult Driving Lesson. Applies to 18 and over and under 18 year old that has never driven. Lesson includes detailed communication in order to build good road and driving character. Private driving lesson involes the least distraction and promotes the most concentration. With repetition 8 minute roadtest will be a breeze for the new man and upcomming debutante. First step is the first driving lesson. You can do it!


This driving lesson applies to all who are:


-driving for the first time

-(Simple road assessment) Wondering Can this person be trusted to drive alone or not

-Assement of concentration, focus management of multitasking car demands and road requirements for day to day function of ADHD adult/youth

-driven to overcome anxiety medicated or not

-Concerned about babbysitter navigating busy roads to and from school with your kids? Activities etc.

-Driving on the wrong side of road

-Worried about Elderly relitive navigating the roads alone

-1 full hour hour comes with roadtest scheduling and can become apart of a package

-Written review given for evaluation upon request

Road Evaluation (written review)

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